Wix Design Tips: What is the Single Most Important Aspect in Designing A Wix Website?

Updated: Nov 23, 2018

What is Web Web Design?

In web design, there are several contributing factors that give way to a website’s overall look and feel. For example, choice of font, color scheme, call to actions, headers, alignment of content pieces, placement of branding assets like logos and other trademarks are all elements that make up a large portion of what we would call web design. But, even more imperative than the inclusion of these aspects comes the greater importance for high-quality images.

Why Are Images so Important in Web Design?

Pictures are the single most important aspect in web design — by far. Not having clear and captivating images that correspond with the branding and messaging of your website could cause lack luster engagement amongst visitors and ultimately a loss of a potential customers. There is nothing worse than being directed to a website and seeing blurry, grainy, pixelated images that look like they we're taken on a Nokia, or images that are actually high-quality but really don't speak to the messaging of the website. For example, a consulting firm using a picture of a forest as their website's hero image(not so great messaging). Luckily for Wix users, Wix offers a vast photo library of high-quality, royalty free images to choose from when designing your Wix website. In addition to that, if you can't seem to find the right image in the free photo library Wix offers, they also have another photo library built-in with a slew of other stock photos to choose from; of course, at a small fee.

Images vs. Text (Which is More Effective)

You can manage your blog and post from your live website. Just log in to your blog with your Wix account.

Now you’re ready to write, edit and manage posts. Just click Create a Post and hit Publish. That’s it. It’s live for all your readers to see. Plus, you can manage all your post comments too - see what people are saying, like or delete comments & more.

If you’ve been working on a post and want to come back to it later, save it as a draft. You can Publish it at anytime, just head to My Profile > Drafts.


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